Hong Kong Mensa

History Hong Kong Mensa was formed in 1987 by a small group of expatriates and local Chinese who had gained Mensa membership while living overseas.  Since then, membership has steadily increased to more than 500 nowadays.

Composition Many of the original expat members have returned to their home countries and now more than two-thirds of all members are locals.  In HK Mensa the membership embraces a wide variety of interests and professions including doctors, dentists, architects, lawyers and executives from the IT, import/export trading and media sectors.  The youngest member is 14 and the oldest in the 70s.

Variety Activities are varied with an accent on the social side and a lot of what we do is the same as other people in Hong Kong do - dinners, BBQs, hiking, junk trips and even karaoke evenings!  But at a typical Mensa event, you can always guarantee to meet new and interesting people.  We also organize talks, games evenings, presentations and debates on topical issues whenever the opportunity arises. If you are new to Hong Kong, it is a great way to meet new friends.