List of Special Interests Groups (SIG)

Special Interest Groups (SIG) is a great way to meet members who share the same interests. Members are also encouraged to start their own SIG and connect with like-minded peers! Here are some of the active SIGs in Mensa Hong Kong:-


Chess SIG: for chess enthusiasts

Dream SIG: for sharing, discussion, or interpretation of dreams

Entrepreneur Development Group SIG 企業家發展學會

LARP & TRPG SIG 劇本殺 & 桌上角色扮演遊戲

MBN Business Networking SIG

Mensa Mind Sports Competition and Strategy Study and Discussion Group 

Neurohacking SIG: Neurohacking is a subclass of biohacking, focused specifically on the brain. Neurohackers seek to better themselves or others by "hacking the brain" to improve reflexes, learn faster, treat psychological disorders, or even improve IQ?

神秘學會 SIG (Mystic SIG): for those who are interested in mysterious matters

Poker SIG 啤牌聚會: for those who are interested in card games

Sofiesta 高明薈: organizes dinner gatherings featuring guests from various fields and backgrounds

🍁Wildlife Go! SIG🐾🏔 行山SIG: organizes outdoor activities, eg. hiking, outings