List of Special Interests Groups (SIG)

Special Interest Groups (SIG) is a great way to meet members who share the same interests. Members are also encouraged to start their own SIG and connect with like-minded peers! Here are some of the active SIGs in Mensa Hong Kong:-


Chess SIG: for chess enthusiasts

Dream SIG: for sharing, discussion, or interpretation of dreams

Entrepreneur Development Group SIG 企業家發展學會

LARP & TRPG SIG 劇本殺 & 桌上角色扮演遊戲

MBN Business Networking SIG

神秘學會 SIG (Mystic SIG): for those who are interested in mysterious matters

Poker SIG 啤牌聚會: for those who are interested in card games

Sofiesta 高明薈: organizes dinner gatherings featuring guests from various fields and backgrounds

🍁Wildlife Go! SIG🐾🏔 行山SIG: for outdoor activities, eg. hiking, outings: