Functions & Gatherings    


Members are brought together through newsletters, web sites and regional or international gatherings.

There are Special Interest Groups (SIGs) at both global and local level covering almost every conceivable interest or pursuit. Amongst other benefits, these give members a forum in which to express, promote and discuss particular political or ideological beliefs without compromising the overall neutrality of Mensa on such subjects.




Mensans want good and international communications, so every member of Mensa will receive the "International Journal" and one local newsletter, which is "Mensa Means" in Hong Kong. Both publications are regularly published so that every member is able to keep the pace with other Mensans all over the world.




MensaMail is a free email forwarding service offered exclusively to our members. The members of Hong Kong Mensa may apply for a unique email address of the form "[email protected]".




SIGHT [Service for International Guidance & Hospitality to Travelers] is a body through which international Mensa hospitality is arranged. Mensans can contact the local SIGHT coordinator when they are visiting other countries and be introduced to local members who will help show them around, meet business or personal contacts and even offer home accommodation. Hong Kong Mensa typically welcomes some 20-30 overseas Mensans a year in this way, often organizing special events around their visit.




Mensans who move to other countries to live or work can simply switch their membership to the national group of their new abode. If there is no national group, they become direct members of International Mensa.